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Is that related to that uhhh, FIDOnet or whatever? The one where it’s all delegated down?

2fa To be honest, I don’t see the point. Just use one non-shit factor.

I started reading the page on lemmy federation details (I don’t know when that appeared, but it’s going to make better AP docs than the RFC, surely), and realised that in fact the @user@instance syntax isn’t even real AP. Now it makes sense.


lol, lmao Will they ever learn? Relatedly, get into webauthn. And don’t make it someone else’s responsibility.

The followup question then is whether a community and a user can have the same name, because to other AP software they both just become @name@instance. How does that get resolved?

It’s pretty funny that the twitter exodus is happening not over excessive censorship and tyranny but over the lackthereof. … And he’s not even delivering half of what he promised anyway.

Anyway a mastodon guide should start and end with “pleroma does what mastodon’t”. The middle is “misskey is fine too, and gnu social and epicyon and…”

Right, but that’s still beside the point. The point is that if they’re collecting obscene amounts of data to begin with, you should expect that they intend to use it for some ill, so you should avoid giving out that data in the first place. (Oh, or that someone will breach it.)

It may come as a surprise to learn that large corporations break the law at every opportunity. “Don’t put yourself in a position that this will harm you” should not be controversial advice.

Calls matrix element You can safely disregard his opinion based on that alone. He gets basically every other detail about matrix wrong too. Everything he’s saying is pretty normie-tier takes anyway. Special mention to not acknowledging what a really fucking terrible idea giving out fone numbers is.

Pretty much all the comments there are pointing out that it’s not a good idea.

Thinking about this more, I realised it’s impossible: The link might not even be a lemmy link at all! How am I meant to guess the other node’s API? I’d use federation API, I guess, which I still haven’t found nice docs for.

yun-wuxin:[wisknort]:~$ curl https://beehaw.org/post/125367/comment/32382 -s | grep -Eo ‘.{10}fedilink.{10}’ id=“icon-fedilink” viewBox= ef=“#icon-fedilink”></use><d y"><title>fedilink</title></

Do you mean a blank line? Because I added newlines. Frankly I consider this to be markdown’s fault, because the behaviour is, put simply, retarded. If I want to quote two lines, I will quote two lines. (Worse is the part where a single newline is ignored, but two newlines is two newlines. I just want one newline, thanks.)

Why do you open Lemmy in your browser I don’t.

you can directly connect with your client to the API of any instance The complexity is necessary for this. When given a link, I need to translate it into an API link so I can load the object and grab the ap_id.

If that isnt rendered properly in your browser Lynx. I’ve detailed the problem in the matrix room, basically for some reason it’s in a title element so lynx correctly sets the page title to “fedilink” 100 times.

To my knowledge I’m not a member, but I am interested in a thing like this. I mostly deal in client-server stuff though so my opinion on the actual federation side is largely irrelevant. I suppose this is the only time I’ll concede value in bridging. But on the other hand… Just a collection of communities, one per ecosystem, is probably fine. People will gravitate towards the ones that suit the spaces they exist in. This would be easier with cooperation, eg. every project and instance pointing towards its respective collab space. I say all this but I haven’t paid attention to the matrix room. I set my notifications according to the size of the room, so I pretty much ignore larger rooms. I’d be willing to be involved in the forum if I had a decent client for it; something light that I could leave open on a spare monitor. To my knowledge there are no desktop tapatalk clients, letalone good ones. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, but well, always more projects… Because, well, without a client: >Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled

Oh, title got munched, heh. I’ll fix that… So basically you’re saying that before resolve_object I should transform it on given instance and load from there, pull ap_id from it and then resolve on that. How annoying, now I have to figure out if I can easily and reliably transform any valid lemmy URL to an API link. Probably yes, regex something like https://[a-zA-Z0-9\.\-\_]+/(.*/?)\w+/\d+ and replace the capture with api/v3. So much for simplicity.

I'm not 100% certain that's the cause, but my testing so far suggests it's probably that. Basically if you have a URL that doesn't point to the original resource, but some copy of it on another instance, it won't resolve. So far I've only tested that on a third instance, but from my experience with the same bug on pleroma, this will occur even if you do it on the resource's origin instance. (fse post referred to from poa.st can't be resolved on fse.) As example: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/api/v3/resolve_object?q=https://lemmy.ml/post/472799. It's possible that this is actually just a federation block, but https://beehaw.org/post/125367/comment/32382 also fails, (and fetching that post works,) which I'm pretty sure isn't.