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Who knew? Remember - most of the data in most apps is managed so poorly that almost anybody can access it in the org.

....Couffignal’s aim was not to make computers think like humans, but for humans to think like computers. Why? He believed it would be good for people: “On individual scale, an enlargement of social strength of intelligence can be expected,” perhaps by breaking through the “few steady ideas” inherited by our “civilization” with which Couffignal thought humans based our actual reasoning. He concluded, “and, on human scale, an encreasement [sic] of the intellectual potential.” Together, by thinking like computers, humanity would create a new and improved version of itself....

funny quote: “We are raising a generation of algorithms that are like undergrads [who] didn’t come to class the whole semester and then the night before the final, they’re cramming,” said Alexei Efros, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. “They don’t really learn the material, but they do well on the test.”

Interesting stuff regarding privacy and secrecy. Found via [rehacked](https://rehacked.substack.com/)

Yeah, it is always nice to hear the author read the book, especially if it is good :)) But what about deep fakes faking author? Will it be banned? Or available only in the underground?

Very nice images from Two minute papers

Somehow I doubt it. Money is too good for Meta to pass Europeans

Finally.. tech put into good use.. ;))

"But there's the nagging feeling, even amongst those of us who are diehard materialists, that there's something more in there, an ineffable ghost in the machine that is somehow independent of the biological underpinnings. Would a sufficiently complex electronic brain have this perception of self? Could an artificial intelligence eventually be capable of insight, of generating something more than the purely mechanical, rule-driven output we usually associate with computers? Of -- in other words -- creativity? Or will that always be in the realm of science fiction?"

Already fighting about what is real (art)