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I think (and this is pure speculation) this type of targeted marketing might make those services a heavy target for attacks. Let the activists choose their privacy respecting service by themselves, if you know a group, educate them on what service may work best for them and for what reasons.

Now try and use this same etymology for something such as “privacy”

Most of us did not know of it as such, and broadcasting it is purely a hateful process that serves no purpose against billionaires but only validates their elitism

paper.wf is a pretty cool writefreely instance, not sure how it is being funded though

Personally, I’d reconsider my love for the fediverse if newsfeed algorithms become a thing. One of the major reasons why I love mastodon is due to the utter lack of it.

I mean, isn’t it a good thing that the VC and corporate funding is running out and more users would understand the importance of funding it? Just wish they let liberapay donators to vote also, as I despise patreon.

Also how would selling off element work?

I really appreciate your replies, thank you

I’m abigg advocate for xmpp for quick messaging and matrix for communities due to their federated, decentralizef and relatively private nature, what would you personally say are the reasons to not suggest them to someone?

Can I also know of your grievances with signal, it feels like the only way I can get people off WhatsApp is selling them the idea of signal. Is it atleast better than WhatsApp in terms of metadata collection?

Thank you for the answer, it makes sense to me

I’m confused, what’s the point of this comment?

Can I know of your grievances with threema? Genuinely curious

The project seems to have ended??? I’m confused

This sub is not meant for user announcement, you indeed have misunderstood it

India sure be doing shady shit for another privacy centric service to be saying something like this. I think expressvpn or some other company shut down their Indian servers after a new privacy bill was proposed that required data companies to store data for some years on their users.

I’m not sure that’s decentralized or federated

Someone already provided the source so idk what youre getting at

Philosophy is one of the least gate-kept pursuits, the problem of vocab can be solved by being patient and empathetic to our interlocutors, as that is the whole point.

Okay no joke but I legit made this recommendation on mastodon a day ago…