The Lithuanian State Data Protection Inspectorate has started official investigations about the security leak of personal data of - Privacy Community

The State Data Protection Inspectorate has launched an official investigation due to a cyber-attack against the online advertising portal that was identified last Wednesday, 13th July 2022. Attempts were made to pull user data from the portal database. Trying to guess user IDs and phone numbers. A total of 345,095 users were attacked. The information was transferred to the State Data Protection Inspectorate, the National Cyber Security Center, the Computer Incident Investigation Service, and the Police in Lithuania.

The users have provided their phone number, e-mail address, and created a password to log-in, no other data is stored by the portal. The passwords are hashed.

The attack has been completely stopped and all measures have taken to remedy the situation. The high-level security measures have been applied for users to continue safely using the services of the ad portal