Strac plugs into Slack, OneDrive and more to automatically redact sensitive info - Privacy Community
Strac plugs into Slack, OneDrive to redact sensitive info – TechCrunch
Strac, a startup backed by Y Combinator, uses algorithms to plug into existing apps like Slack and automatically redact sensitive customer info, such as SSNs.

Increasingly, absent a federal framework, U.S. states are passing privacy and security laws aimed at protecting people’s data. The California Consumer Privacy Act is perhaps the best known, followed by the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, the New York Privacy Act and the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act. While the laws are a step in the right direction from a consumer standpoint, for startups, it can be tricky to navigate the patchwork of policies they’ve codified. Incompatible clauses and high compliance costs make doing business across the country a tougher proposition than it once was.

Inspired to develop a solution, Aatish Mandelecha launched Strac, which helps companies in regulated industries — specifically financial and health care — safeguard against data issues by stripping out customer records. A software platform, Strac automatically detects and redacts sensitive information, including Social Security numbers and driver licenses, from a company’s documents, as well as email, chat messages and web apps.

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