AI Act: MEPs close in on rules for general purpose AI, foundation models - Privacy Community

The European Parliament is set to propose stricter rules for foundation models like ChatGPT and distinguish them from general purpose AI, according to an advanced compromise text seen by EURACTIV.

The AI Act is a landmark EU legislation to regulate Artificial Intelligence based on its capacity to cause harm. As AI solutions designed to handle a wide variety of tasks were not covered in the original proposal, the meteoric rise of ChatGPT has brutally disrupted the debate, leading to delays.

Although the file is close to finalisation, on Wednesday (19 April), the political meeting meant to certify an agreement was turned into a technical discussion on this part of the file, leading to the postponement of the key committee vote originally scheduled for 26 April.

Meanwhile, a revised text circulated Thursday indicates that MEPs are close to finalising their approach to ChatGPT and similar applications.