EU Governments bet on Nextcloud to replace SharePoint - Privacy Community
EU Governments bet on Nextcloud to replace SharePoint - Nextcloud
In collaboration with European government organizations, Nextcloud announces a full SharePoint replacement.

Proprietary SaaS plaforms like Sharepoint and MS 365 have become major cash cows, and on-premises solutions get discontinued across the tech sector to force customers into vendor-locked clouds. Organizations dealing with critical or sensitive data respond by looking to maintain their strategic autonomy by deploying on premises solutions. In collaboration with a number of European government organizations, the market leader in the open source, on-premises collaboration space today announces the expansion of it’s offering to provide a full SharePoint replacement, complete with migration services. Showing the strong trend towards digital sovereignty, the announcement comes shortly after the highest EU Data Protection authority, the EDPS, announced they deploy and recommend Nextcloud. …

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