Apple Expands End-to-End Encryption to iCloud Backups - Privacy Community

Apple announced today that it is launching expanded end-to-end encryption protections in its iCloud service. The company already offers the vital security feature for some data in its cloud platform—including passwords, credit card and other payment data, and health data—but it will offer an option to extend the protection to other sensitive information including photos, notes, and, crucially, iCloud backups. The feature, known as Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, debuts today for users enrolled in Apple’s Beta Software Program. It will be available to all United States users by the end of the year and will start rolling out globally in early 2023.

    31 year ago

    Seeing you as a strong privacy advocate AND a Mac user, I would be really interested in seeing your thoughts on the privacy with Apple products.

    I searched your website but couldn’t find any notes on the topic. Have I missed it?

    • nicfabOPMA
      1 year ago

      It has not escaped your notice. I usually talk about app-related issues. The choice for one or the other solution is based on trust, and personally, after several trials with different solutions, I trust Apple. I am certainly aware that Apple is one of the biggies and that it is not exempt from criticism, but the policy adopted in recent years is user-friendly. It is only worth mentioning that in 2018, during the international conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, Tim Cook wished that the U.S. had a privacy regulation like the GDPR. This is not the appropriate venue, but your comment will allow me to post something on the point you arise.