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For poor people (ex lumenproletariat, but incl anyone struggling, which incls some middleclass ‘big spenders’) hard to give a hoot about privacy when like the bottom 2 rungs of maslow’s hierarchy of needs are lacking.

I personally bumped into digital privacy/the fediverse somewhat randomly when covid lockdowns were happening. Always sorta had an innate concept of privacy compared to some people though.

People like habits and don’t like to get out of their comfort zone. Or the “Why fix it if its not broken” mentality.

Because the fediverse has no vision.


Afaik some of the fediverse aspires to replace big tech


Normal people just care on what their friends are using. The real question is: Why big characters in the libre software culture are not promoting/using it?

The real question is: Why big characters in the libre software culture are not promoting/use it?

Who are you talking about?

Guessing he means folks like Moxie Marlinespike, Popey, Torvalds, Cory Doctrow (though I think he’s on Mastodon actually), etc.

Also social networking is a minor additive, not that important. Add to this, if none of your friends are on it, why do it in the first place?


The main aspect is to share the fediverse culture and spread the news anywhere, otherwise, it will be difficult to see many people into it.

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