Twilio hackers hit over 130 orgs in massive Okta phishing attack - Privacy Community
Threat analysts have discovered the phishing kit responsible for thousands of attacks against 136 high-profile organizations that have compromised 9,931 accounts.

Hackers responsible for a string of recent cyberattacks, including those on Twilio, MailChimp, Cloudflare, and Klaviyo, compromised over 130 organizations in the same phishing campaign.

This phishing campaign utilized a phishing kit codenamed ‘0ktapus’ to steal 9,931 login credentials that the hackers then used to gain access to corporate networks and systems through VPNs and other remote access devices.

According to a Group-IB report, the 0ktapus campaign has been underway since at least March 2022, aiming to steal Okta identity credentials and 2FA codes and use them to carry out subsequent supply chain attacks.

Centralized services like Okta will always be big targets. This is a great reason to use self-hostable/decentralized solutions like


I agree with you. Thank you for suggesting that resource

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