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I’m not 100% certain that’s the cause, but my testing so far suggests it’s probably that. Basically if you have a URL that doesn’t point to the original resource, but some copy of it on another instance, it won’t resolve. So far I’ve only tested that on a third instance, but from my experience with the same bug on pleroma, this will occur even if you do it on the resource’s origin instance. (fse post referred to from can’t be resolved on fse.) As example: It’s possible that this is actually just a federation block, but also fails, (and fetching that post works,) which I’m pretty sure isn’t.

yun-wuxin:[wisknort]:~$ curl -s | grep -Eo ‘.{10}fedilink.{10}’ id=“icon-fedilink” viewBox= ef=“#icon-fedilink”></use><d y"><title>fedilink</title></

Do you mean a blank line? Because I added newlines. Frankly I consider this to be markdown’s fault, because the behaviour is, put simply, retarded. If I want to quote two lines, I will quote two lines. (Worse is the part where a single newline is ignored, but two newlines is two newlines. I just want one newline, thanks.)

Hmm i was inspecting the HTML in Firefox, but if i curl the source and look at it directly, it looks quite different, with a <title> element in the <body> as you say. can you look into this?

18M open up an issue on the github because its not clear to me what you’re trying to do.

He browses lemmy-ui in Lynx, and it doesnt render the fedilink icon correctly because of that invalid <title> tag. Also doesnt use github.


The title tag is correct, its for screen reader support for icons.

citation needed

Pretty much all the comments there are pointing out that it’s not a good idea.

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