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Solutions for matrix spam bots
cross-posted from: > Many of the current iteration of spam bots have cryptocurrency in their mxid. If you see someone with a cryptocurrency mxid join, immediately ban them. > > They also seem to join 100s or 1000s or even 10 000s of rooms before they spam a message. If you are in like 3 medium sized rooms with completely unrelated topics, if you see @robbert joined all 3 of the rooms within an hour or so, pretty good chance it's a spam bot. > > Earlier iterations had profile picture of real people, prob taken from instagram. > > Mostly crypto spam, but i've seen one selling graphene phones. > > If they aren't banned, they will sometimes later activate again with a new ad. > > **Should be possible to do with a bot too, if anyone comes across one that i dont have to self host hmu.** If you don't want to ban, you can mute them and tell them to DM you their favorite color to prove they are made of flesh.

What's doing about the incredible sheer volume of spam bots from
cross-posted from: > It's been like a month now with pretty intense spam, all from accts. > > Anyone have a list of public mjolnir bots that are willing to moderate random rooms?

Might be possible to use with Lemmy as well (Maybe not if it uses the Mastodon client API)

Which Matrix clients are you using and why?
I managed to convince my friends to give Matrix a try. Among us we span almost all platforms. Any ideas on what clients to use would be much appreciated.

Syphon • A privacy centric matrix client
Been using this client for matrix and I gotta say. This might be the client to be adopted by many once it's out of alpha. What do you all think?

[Question] How much does Matrix homeserver cost on average?
Hello, How much does a small matrix server that I and my friends can use cost on average? I will also set up Whatsapp, Signal and Discord bridge on the server.

[Solved] How can I use syphon and element?
I'm trying to use element on manjaro linux and syphon on an android phone. I'm logged in with manjaro and when I log in from the phone I get a "verify your device" popup. When I click on verify it says "Verify other device To proceed, please accept the verification request on your other device." But I don't see anything on syphon. I can't read private chats because all messages appear as encrypted. I can read group chats though. So what can I do to read private chats from syphon?

Crossgeposted von: > This is a new project, but sadly [as explained here](, it is just a multi-user puppeteering gateway for Matrix users: > > > You write it your jid and password in a private chat, it connects to the XMPP server and creates a matrix room for each contact in the roster. Basic text messages work flawlessly in both directions. > > Sadly Bifrost is almost unusable from the XMPP side. I really wish there was a nicer gateway from XMPP to Matrix.

Thunderbird will support matrix protocol out-of-the-box in version 102 (due June) and is available in v91 beta now. I just tried it, you go to *preferences*, *edit config*, add a string "*chat.prpls.prpl-matrix.disable*" and set it to false and matrix becomes an available option in the chats part of your account to find my old password.....

If you're reading this, it means it works — this blog is hosted on Matrix. This post describes how I've done it.

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